'Finding Ancient Light'

My status as a photographer comes from this first love. Taking my camera out into the darkest of nights to capture what little light available, I discovered my true potential.

This light traveled light years to fall upon my sensor and upon my heart. The ancient light of the cosmos greeted me with more questions than answers, yet showed me my place on this world. This pale blue dot. 

My love for the stars stretch beyond profound beauty. They hunger my curiosity by persuading me to understand them. They quench my thirst of adventure by placing me on the very edge of humanities scientific exploration. They satisfy my carnal needs of purpose and direction by shedding light on my own uniqueness and relativity.

When I peer out into the vastness of the cosmos I become torn between feelings of euphoria and utmost fear. Out there lies the limits of our human understanding. Out there lies the answers to our every curiosity.

I not only enjoy the artistic side of night time imaging, but also the fundamentals on what it actually is and how it works.

As beautiful as it is, to me it means so much more. It's a way to reconnect to the very stars that made us. Many feel that earth is home. I however, look to the stars to find mine. Join me on this journey through the best nights of my life. These images shaped me as an artist.

They pointed me toward my destiny.