Achromic Luminescence

"A spontaneous emission of light lacking color by a substance not resulting from heat."


Throughout the years Roy Nelson has placed himself in some of the most dramatic natural and urban scenes looking for the perfect blend of contrast and texture. Theses black and white images are a body of work, four years in the making, stretching across three states. ‘Achromic Luminescence’ is a tribute to the many greats before. They founded the way of modern photography today by mastering their craft and the power colorless images posses.

In the words of Roy himself : “The beauty of black and white photography lies within the tonal range of highlights to shadows and the human nature to search for the light among the chaos.”

The works in this series are an extremely limited run of 5 prints each. Book copies of entire work titled ‘Achromic Luminescence’ are set to run a limited edition count of 10.